Feature of Start-up for Foreigner

Get invest money($200,000 0r $75,000) + Canadian PR + Establish company
Don’t need company requirements

  • The Canadian Start-up Visa Program is a program targeted to immigrant entrepreneurs, and successful candidates will be granted permanent residence in Canada.
  • If you are a founder of a technology Start-up and looking to move to Canada for business reasons, this program may be for you.

Requirements of Start-up Visa Candidates

  • Minimum Level 5 of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) in English by the time you apply for your permanent residency
  • Each applicant must individually hold at least 10% of the company's voting rights and applicants altogether hold at least 50% of the company's voting rights
  • At least one applicant has control over the intellectual property of the business
  • The necessary funds to sustain your company's runway
  • Minimum necessary income to sustain you and your family cf) $23,181 : 4 family members
  • Proof of Support from a Designated Organization(Venture capital, Angel investor or Incubator)

Joining & Matching Service with Start-up

If you don’t have any idea or technique

  • Arrange partnership with start-up
  • Arrange invest or buy for start-up
  • Who want to sell start-up idea? : Arrange buyer for sell

Start-up Bridging Service

We can arrange and contact to designated organization
Consulting + Business plan + Processing + Coordinating

  • Designated organization
    *21 Venture Capital Funds & 9 Angel Investor Groups & 25 Business Incubators