Start-up Business in Canada


  • Canada provides one of the best business environments for start-up companies in the world.
  • Canada is one of the top countries for embracing ICT industry. *Do you know MAPLE VALLY?
  • Canada usually offer at least $200k to excellent start-up companies and gives permanent residence.
  • Many venture capitals, angel investor, and business incubators help innovative selected start-companies expand in the global market.
  • Start-up visa is the key to succeed in Canada.

Recommended Business concepts

  • Real time tour guide or Tour guide matching or Virtual tourist community / Ideal destination: Vancouver
  • Targeted airbnb, Coupon book business, Travel agencies which specializes in yacht based tour / Ideal destination : Vancouver
  • Functional underwear, Functional beverage, Functional food
  • AI robot for kid, IoT DIY robot, Soft robot
  • Body conduction unit business
  • IoT goods : Smart measure, Toothbrush, Meal dispenser for dog or cat, Digital medication
  • Exo-glove poly, Inspired artificial muscles, Shower equipment for disabled, waterproof wheelchair
  • Platform for elder care
  • Battery for outdoor activities
  • VR or AR, Drone, 3D printer, Specialized printer
  • Fin Tech: Cordless mobile payment, QR cord payment
  • On-line game, Card game for prevention Alzheimer
  • International online shopping mall or E-commerce
  • Food processing industry
  • Laser lancing device for diabetes, Smart strip permeates, All in one oral care
  • Plasma sterilizer, Plasma skin care
  • Medical & Healthcare & Rehabilitation : Distant checkups, Device, Solution, IoT, Diagnose
  • On-line education: Foot massage, Origami, Pilates, Sports therapy, Exercise