General Businesses in Canada


  • We want to hear from people who want to settle down in Canada.
  • CanGo will identify each client’s specific needs and potentials and help the client successfully operate and expand business in Canada.
  • CanGo will provide customized consulting service and total service from starting a business to expanding/closing business.
  • CanGo will help clients relieve from stress of undergoing the visa process while trying to minimize business failure risk.
  • CanGo has developed its own various innovative business concepts which generate higher income.
  • CanGo will help client transform business idea into a reality by developing business concept in accordance with the client’s specific needs.

Our Developed Business concept & Brand

  • Samurai Q Converant: Japanese Concept Convenience Store + Light Restaurant
  • Synapse 65 Nutrient Kitchen: Multiple Health Food Store; Health Food + Meal Powder + Healthy Beverage + Healthy Meal
  • Wish & K Origami: Origami Class + Gift Shop + Origami supplies, including selling own origami book
  • NaNu Meal Powder (Retail or Manufacturer): Customized Meal Powder for Elderly, Women, Children and Patients
  • Foret Salon: Beauty Salon, including Hair, Nail/Pedi care, Waxing, Eyelash, Skin care
  • Canglish College: Language(our own curriculum) or Career College(Healthcare field) or Junior Academy + Recruiting Agency
  • Medi Plus E-Commerce: Health Food & Medical Device & Equipment Wholesale and Retail Shop; On-line Store
  • Tour Condoctor: Medical Tourism Agency
  • Synapse 65 Wellness Café: Silver Café, includes Healthy Bento for Senior & Meal Delivery for Senior
  • E-Sport or Virtual Reality Entertainment Center
  • Metal Roof Manufacturer
  • Charcoal Starter Manufacturer
  • Gokoro Brands: Bento / Pan Bread / Sushi / Deep-fry / Chicken / Fried Rice
  • Qinghegu: Korean BBQ Restaurant
  • Lulu-Lala Roll & Ramen: Korean Style Roll & Premium Instant Ramen
  • BiBi N Porridge: Bibimu Rice Bowl + Porridge

Our Business areas

  • Restaurants: Japanese, Chinese, Western, Korean, Chicken, Bakery, Dessert Café, etc.
  • Beauty Salon: Hair, Nail & Pedi care, Waxing, Eyelash, Massage, Skin Care
  • Retail: Multiple Health Food, Medical Device, Rehab Equipment, Converant, Origami Craft, International E-commerce
  • Education: Career College, Language, Daycare, Junior Academy, International Student Recruiting Agency, On-line School
  • Service: Business Incubating, Business Centre, Travel, Graphic Design
  • Agri-food, Seafood and Livestock & Poultry Manufacturing or Processing: Beef jerky, Salmon jerky, Pickled Cherry, Dry Blueberry, Sauce, Liquid(Soybean sauce or Hot sauce), Syrup, Jam, Semi-dry edible Plants, Water Soaked Fiddlehead Fern, Peameal Bacon, Meal Powder, Beverage, Health Food, Porridge, Energy Bar, Snack, Instant Rice
  • Ocean farming
  • Other business opportunities: Construction, Manufacturer, Craft and Art, Food Manufacturer & Exporter