Case Study

  • Reflecting on our former cases (Success & Failure rate)
    >> Analysis >> Identify problems & risks >> CanGo Solution : Glocalization & Risk management
  • CanGo Solution: Assess Customer’s qualifications and Identify Customer’s specific needs and accommodate their needs
    >> Business consulting : Customize, Develop & Upgrade

Case Study

Common Concerns

- Often experience construction/interior built-out delays
- Often delay in business start-up
- Difficult to find qualified workforce
- Barriers to foreign market entry, especially problems with sales and marketing alignment
- Communication problems
- Unfamiliar financial transaction system, such as Bank and pay system
- Unfamiliar tax, laws/regulations, accounting, payroll system
- under stress while undergoing the visa process

Our Response

Provide the Solution

Problem Solve

Customize, Develop & Upgrade


CanGo Solution

  • CanGo helps each customer adopt glocalization strategies to expand business in Canada => Glocalization: locals are very different, their socio-economic and culture reality are very different, so develop and create products/foods based on the needs/trends of local people.
  • CanGo has various its own developed business concepts and brands for locals
  • CanGo’s total service : from Business consulting, Establishing company, Business set-up, to Assisting with operating business and maximizing benefits, as well as expanding business
  • Direct interior built-out
  • Direct hire experienced foreign workers and local workers
  • Direct manage visa processing
  • Direct effective marketing methods and strategies to maximize sales
  • Assist with operating business in Canada by providing related services, such as Payroll, Marketing or managing operating expense
  • Communication assistance service with our bilingual staff

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